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(L to R) Rev. Dr. Mitchell Walker (Huntsville, AL) and Dr. Pam Phillips-Burk (Huntsville, AL), and Secretary Rev. Joy Warren (Springfield, TN)
In June 2012, the General Assemblies of the CPC and the CPCA voted unanimously to move forward with a process of working toward unification. No time tables were set, but both assemblies approved moving forward without delay. Each Assembly approved the appointment of a Task Force on Unification to develop a plan to bring our two churches into one. The two groups met in Nashville on October 5th and voted to organize as one task force, rather than two. Officers elected were co-chairs Rev. Dr. Mitchell Walker (Huntsville, AL) and Dr. Pam Phillips-Burk (Huntsville, AL), and Secretary Rev. Joy Warren (Springfield, TN).
The Task Force will lead a pre-assembly workshop in June at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and will repeat the workshop at the CPCA Forum, an event scheduled for Huntsville, also in June. All who are interested in the unity of our churches should make plans to attend one of these events.
We urge all presbyteries and local churches, where possible, to look for ways to build relationships with brothers and sisters from the other denomination, and to share information about joint worship, mission projects, and other activities with the Task Force. Please pray, as Jesus taught us to do, that we may be one, and that we may learn how best to express our unity as Cumberland Presbyterians as we walk this path together.
Members of the Unification Task Force: (from l to r) front row - Robert Rush, Joy Warren, Pam Phillips Burk, Gloria Diaz, Elton Hall, 2nd row Jay Earheart-Brown, Perryn Rice, Craig White, Anthony Hollis, Mike Sharpe, Steve Mosely, Mitchell Walker. Not Pictured:Diane Smith, Arthur Haygood and Theodis Acklin
Members of the task force:
From the CPCA
Rev. Dr. Mitchell Walker(Co-chair), Huntsville, Alabama 
Elder Arthur Haywood, Rockwall, Texas
Elder Craig White, Decatur, Alabama
Rev. Anthony Hollis, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. Theodis Acklin (GA Stated Clerk), Huntsville, Alabama
Rev. Elton Hall (GA Moderator), Hewitt, Texas
Dr. Lynne Herring (GA Administrative Director), Decatur, Alabama
From the CPC
Dr. Pam Phillips-Burk (Co-chair), Huntsville, AL
Rev. Joy Warren (Secretary), Springfield, TN
Gloria Diaz, Houston, Texas
Rev. Steve Mosely, Russellville, Arkansas
Dr. Perryn Rice, Cookeville, Tennessee
Dr. Jay Earheart-Brown, Memphis, Tennessee
Dr. Robert Rush (GA Moderator), Houston, Texas
Rev. Mike Sharpe (GA Stated Clerk), Bartlett, Tennessee

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